Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hi readers. I have committed to tumblr. You may follow my adventures at I love you all -Josh

Friday, June 3, 2011

A blog you can check forever.

This is a definitive.
This will be here forever.
If I wanted
I could try to advertise this
and it would be public.
Even though
it is already public.
I could publicize it
and make this public-er.
Some people
might even read this
without me
Do you care about me?
Or do you care about what I do?
Or do you care about what I write?
Or do you care THAT I write?
Or do you care that I write about writing?
Or do you care that you're being addressed?
Or do you care that I am addressing you?
Or do you think you're the only one reading?
Or is no one reading?
Or are you not going to comment
so I think no one is reading?
Or even if you want to comment, what would you say?
At this point, it shows a lot.
At this point, do I even want to post this?
What was my point?
And in case you decided to read this,
In case my publicist didn't tell me to delete this,
Know that there's more.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harold and Josh go to the Civil War?

This was my dream last night:

We (myself and my friend Justin) go back in time.
Oh no, we're in the past!
on a field.
there's a barn.
There's an old white guy. I guess he's probably played by Neil Patrick Harris.
And omg, he has bongs and bubblers and pipes!
We go outside
We're way out of place! How are we supposed to act?
'Just pretend like you're in the movie Old Yeller'
Oh, okay!

*hole in plot*

He's hosting a dinner and we're invited!
But oh no, we don't know how to act, because we're clearly out of place
Find Darryl from the office - Craig Robinson
He and Tracy Morgan are happy slaves who live on the plantation
He's the cool smart one and Tracy Morgan's the "YES MAS'AH" one
Craig is with his wife asking NPH to be included at the banquet; he and his wife.
NPH says no.
I go up to him.
"Alright man, I don't wanna freak you out, but we're from the future, about 150 years. You gotta help us get through this dinner."
"That's cool man."
"And don't worry about this slavery thing, it eventually all works out."
"Yeah man, I know."
"Wait, are you from the future too??"
"No, but I saw that 'obama' pin on your backpack"
... there's a better joke in there somewhere, but that's how I dreamed it.
"Listen, I'll help you fit in. You get me into that white devil's banquet, and just follow my lead."
No problem.
"And get my boy Tracy Morgan in there too." - I don't know if he was called that, but it was implied he had a character name.
No problem. - And I'll just refer to him as Tracy Morgan anyway.

Go up to Tracy Morgan.
Hey, you want to come to the banquet dinner tonight?
"That sounds OSS-UM!" "You should talk to (Craig Robinson)!!"
Already did. He told us to talk to you.
"HAY! You guys are SMART!"

*somehow we get NPH to let the guys into the banquet. And Craig's wife.*

Awkward dinner. Though secretly awesome.

Something about smoking pot.

Where's Tracy?

cut to Tracy walking around the house singing:
"it's so WOOONNDDEERFUUUULL ... woooooonderfuuuulll!"

And then I woke myself up because it was clearly too ridiculous and I was late for work.

But if the movie continued, Craig and Tracy would probably execute some sort of plan that blew up the plantation. We'd be stoned, and on the run. And run into a battle or two, Abraham Lincoln, and find a time machine to get back it'd be great.

Good dream.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

I would like to make a special thank-you

I would like to make a special thank-you
to the men at Sinai Memorial Chapel
those menches who took care of burial process:
Lupe, Adolfo, Donald and Chano

Another thought I had

When the rabbi called the other rabbi up from the congregation to speak on behalf of the deceased, I wondered quickly, though thought better to ask if he'd 'tapped-tapped' his seat..

Things I thought better of:

I wanted to wear my blacks to show respect to the family. I almost grabbed wore my 'Cake or Death' shirt. But thought better of it.

I thought maybe I'd bring something to read in the car or on the grass at the burial site. I almost grabbed the 'How To Survive a Zombie Attack' book, but thought better of it.

And I really did almost ask that guy if he was going to the funeral..